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We are always looking for top notch professionals with experience in commercial property accounting, management, or building engineer roles.  Do you think you have what it takes to be a member of our team? If so, find the relevant job below and apply now!

Property Manager

Take full responsibility for the management and reporting of a commercial real estate portfolio.

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Assistant Property Manager

Support one or more property managers with the day to day operations of a portfolio.

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Property Accountant

Provide accounting support and analysis for a portfolio of properties.

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Building Engineer

Take charge of the maintenance operations in an office building.

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Provide customer service for all clients and customers.

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Dunton Commercial is growing!  Our leadership team has the right vision and strategic plan in place to become a dominant player in the Denver market.  We know that the key ingredients to success are having the right people in the right positions, armed with the right tools, and all working towards a common goal with shared values.


We value our people above all else.  We are constantly investing in our human capital and working to build the most efficient and successful team possible.


We are all working towards a well thought out, common goal.  Our vision for growth is shared with our team and involves participation by all.


We all share common core values that we live every day, both personally and professionally.  Our core values guide our decision making when the answer is not clear.


People.  Value people above all else.

Integrity.  Make the hard right over the easy wrong.

Accountability.  Take ownership of your actions.

Growth.  Dedicate to continual improvement.

Purpose.  Work towards something great.

Simplicity.  Keep it simple.

Humility.  Be graceful with success.

Teamwork.  Contribute to the team.

Focus.  Execute on the Mission.